Monday, August 15, 2011

Range Report # 4: Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22LR rifle

Hey folks, 12-Gauge Chimp here with a brand new edition of Range Report.

Awhile back, you may remember I mentioned buying a Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22 rifle. Well, fast forward a year and I finally got to test fire the rifle. I headed out to the range with a friend of mine and brought the .22 along with a box of ammo. I wasn't planning on spending my whole day at the range, which made sense considering I got there around 7:30 0r so and the sun was going down fairly quick.

The ammo used was Winchester Super Speed .22LR. After arriving, we set up some targets and I loaded my guns. I brought along my SKS and my Mossberg 500 as extras in case we ran out of .22 ammo.

After setting up a few targets, my friend and I proceeded to take turns shooting the 702. I first did a slow fire round, carefully aiming the gun and firing. The next magazine I fired in rapid fire mode. I wasn't going for accuracy here, choosing to see how the gun functioned in rapid fire. It worked well and soon my friend and I had gone through half the box of .22LR I brought along. We moved on to my SKS and my Mossberg 500 bullpup 12 gauge, firing a couple mags worth of ammo through each gun. The ammo used for my SKS was Winchester 7.62x39mm brass cased bulk ammo and the shotgun shells were Federal 2 3/4" game loads. The SKS and Mossberg 12 gauge shot the aforementioned ammo without any problems. I did have a minor FTE (failure to eject) on my shotgun, but that was my fault as I held the gun at an angle, causing the shell to stick. After that, it ran fine.

The Mossberg 702 shot well and the only complaints I have are about the sights and the magazines being a bit hard to remove after firing the gun. That was easily fixed after I figured out a way to remove them. The sights, on the other hand, were a bit harder to figure out. I'll probably be replacing the sights in the future, but for now, the factory sights will have to work. I may even put a scope on the rifle and see if that helps.

Well, that'll do it for this edition of Range Report.

As always, this is 12-Gauge Chimp signing off.

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