Monday, February 27, 2012

Guns and Gear Review # 12: Kershaw Crown

Hey folks, your old pal 12-Gauge Chimp here with another knife review. In the past two months, I have purchased two new knives, one being the Aranyik E-Nep I reviewed awhile back and the second being the Kershaw Crown, which I'm reviewing today.

First off, this is the first Kershaw knife I have ever purchased. Well, the first real Kershaw knife, anyway. I have a pair of Kershaw knock-offs I bought from a roadside vendor and they aren't that great. Getting back to the Kershaw Crown.

I was walking around the local Wal-Mart and spotted the knife on a clearance rack. I took a look at it and decided to purchase it. I'm a sucker for quality knives, especially when they are on sale. Now if I could just find a Spyderco or Benchmade knife on sale for less than 100 bucks. Anyway, I paid the price for the knife, which after taxes was 16 dollars US, and walked out of the store. I got home and proceeded to open the package and handle my new knife.

From what I could initially see, the Kershaw Crown is a well made knife. It is extremely sharp right out of the box, or in this case plastic clam shell package. I almost cut myself at least ten times just handling the knife and in one case, a family member managed to nick their finger just by barely touching the blade. So, in other words, Kershaw really means their blades are extremely sharp.

The Kershaw Crown's factory specifications are like this.
Blade length: 3-1/4"
Overall length: 6.55"
Blade material: 8CR13MoV satin finished stainless steel.
Handle material: polished Micarta (in the case of my particular knife, it's a blue colored Micarta)

Now onto the fun part, cutting stuff with it. This is where the Kershaw Crown excels. Everything I cut with it was cut cleanly and without any tearing. The 8CR13MoV steel holds an amazing edge, unlike the crap steel the knock-offs I have. I swear those knives get dull just by me looking at them. I'll be doing a review and rant about what I call "Gas Station Special" knives. Look for that coming soon.

The Kershaw Crown may not be the most expensive knife in Kershaw's catalog, but it is one of the nicest.

The Kershaw Crown gets the 12-Gauge Chimp seal of approval.

As always, this is 12-Gauge Chimp signing off.

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