Thursday, July 31, 2014

Range Report #5: M+M M10 AK

Hey folks, 12-Gauge Chimp here with a brand new edition of Range Report

Well, I finally had a chance to hit the range with a friend and I brought along the M+M M10 AK that I reviewed a little while back. I only have three mags for the gun, so my time behind the trigger was a bit limited. With that in mind, I loaded up the rifle and took aim at my target set up.

We had various targets set up at a range of probably 100 feet or so, not exactly a perfect range to test the rifles accuracy, but good enough to see if the gun worked properly or not. I fired one mag through the gun and let my friend have a go with the second magazine. Both were loaded with 30 rounds of Wolf 123 grain Military Classic 7.62x39 ammunition that has been kicking around in one of my ammo cans for about five years. I did have a couple issues with the ammo, but more on that later.

There were no jams whatsoever in the first 60 rounds and I'm pleased with the rifle. Of course, it'll take many more rounds sent downrange before I'm ready to give the rifle my seal of approval, but overall I'm happy with my purchase and with the rifle itself. A few of the stock parts are going to be replaced, but that's mostly a matter of personal preference. I know one thing that's getting changed out and that's the muzzle brake. The thing sounds like a tuning fork after every shot and it gets annoying really quick. I also need to pick up a few more mags so my time behind the trigger is spent learning how to shoot the rifle better and not wasted loading magazines. All three mags I had functioned like they were supposed to and while going from a stripper clip loaded rifle to a magazine system was a bit weird, I eventually got the hang of it and was switching mags like it was second nature to me.

As I mentioned before I had some issues with the ammo I was running. Wolf is pretty much known for being cheap ammo and that's one big reason folks buy the stuff. My issue wasn't with the price (I'm sort of a cheapskate when it comes to ammo, by the way), but with the way my SKS functioned with the ammo. I've used Wolf in my SKS numerous times before and I've never had bright blue smoke pour out of the receiver after a shot. I've also never had a round fail to fire after the primer was whacked hard. I'm probably going to have a gunsmith replace the firing pin on my rifle anyway, so I hope the FTF's will cease after that.

Overall, a fun day at the range was had by all and I hope to have many more range days with my friends in the future. Now if I could just find .22LR ammo locally, that'd be awesome.

Stay tuned to the site for an upcoming video review of the KHHI Scourge kukri I reviewed awhile back. I'm hoping to get some good footage of the blade uploaded soon. I've had a few folks asking me for video of the blade in action and I'm not one to disappoint my fans. So, keep an eye on the site for an announcement soon.

As always, this is 12-Gauge Chimp signing off. 

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