Friday, October 2, 2015

Guns and Gear Review #20: Lucky Dog Knife and Leather Glock 41 holster.

Hello folks, it's 12-Gauge Chimp again. Today I want to talk about a piece of gear that I recently purchased from a local custom shop.

I was browsing a local gun board awhile back and came across an ad for a custom holster maker named Chris Vargas. Chris is the owner and operator of Lucky Dog Knife and Leather in Lubbock Texas and I sent him a message asking him if he could make a holster for a Glock 41 with a Streamlight TLR-1s (this is a variant of the TLR-1 that has a strobe function. No difference in size, just the addition of a strobe function). Sadly, Chris couldn't make the holster for the gun with a light since he didn't own or have access to that particular light. Still, I commissioned him to make the holster anyway minus the light bearing option.

After a few minor hiccups, one involving Chris accidentally sending me the wrong holster and then having a family emergency, I received my holster a few weeks after the initial quoted time. To thank me for being so patient with him during the wait and as a sort of peace offering, Chris included a pair of magazine carriers with my order. I received the package a few days later after Chris called me personally to tell me about what had kept him from getting my holster out in the allotted time frame. Not many companies will do that in this day and age and I really appreciated that Chris took time out of his busy schedule to call me.

On to the holster itself now.

It's a standard Kydex holster, but with a left handed draw set up since I shoot handguns as a lefty. I can shoot them with my right hand just fine, but I prefer to use my left hand since it's my stronger hand. A lifetime of using my left hand to complete tasks and write will usually do that. I specifically asked for an OWB (outside the waistband) style with Tek-Lok mounting devices since I'm used to the style on my Blade-Tech holster. I just like the Tek-Lok mounts for some reason so I asked Chris to have those instead of belt loops.

Due to the small design of these particular Tek-Loks, I now have to purchase either a smaller width belt or larger Tek-Loks to accommodate my belts. It's not a big deal since Tek-Loks are around 10 bucks or so for the larger models.

The fit of the gun is perfect, though I may have to do some minor tweaking to make the draw and reholstering a little smoother. This is by no means any of Chris' fault, it's just a personal preference of mine.

The magazine carriers are set up for Tek-Loks as well and I plan to purchase some in the near future. I did have a minor complaint about one of the mag carriers, though. It's a little loose in retention of the magazine, but a little heating and reforming of the Kydex and it'll be as tight as I need it to be without having to worry about my magazine falling out.

I'll be using the holster a lot in the future in order to fully test it and I'll update this post with my findings, but until then I'm happy with the holster.

Big thanks goes out to Chris Vargas for making my holster and for doing a damn good job on it. It took a little longer than expected to reach me, but in the end the wait was worth it.

As always, this is 12-Gauge Chimp signing off.

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